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Wakame Sushi is a mid-sized AYCE on Sheppard Ave & Bathurst Street. They offer the options of both à la carte and AYCE for lunch and dinner. The price is $13.95 for lunch and $20.95 for dinner (adult prices), so it's on par with nearby establishments on Finch. I came here for lunch one weekday, and found that their lunch menu selection was decent. Though not extensive by any means; they do offer the standard appetizers, salad, soup, cooked food, noodles, and sushi (nigri and rolls). Like many other places; their lunch menu does not offer sashimi on the menu.

Wakame Sushi caters heavily to the lunch crowd as there are quite a lot of businesses and offices in the area. So I found that the turnover rate was pretty high as people had roughly an hour or so for lunch. They had a counter of about 3 chefs making the sushi, so the food arrived rather quickly to the table.

You can't expect melt in your mouth freshness from an AYCE, but the overall quality of the food here was good when compared on an AYCE level. The flavor was there for such dishes as the wings, Korean styled beef ribs, beef udon and chicken teriyaki. The sushi arrived neatly presented on a white plate, and the soy sauce wasn't watered down. The only minor complaint was that a few of the sushi were overly packed with rice. However, a majority of the sushi had a good balance of rice to fish ratio. This could be due to the fact that there were more than two sushi chefs handling the mantle of making the sushi.

If you're not a fan of AYCE, Wakame Sushi also offers very cheap lunch specials. Their sushi bar specials are around $5.95 and their kitchen specials (including chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, salmon teriyaki and ribs) are $6.75. The lunch specials are only available from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm, and you may be charged for substitutions. I have ordered their BBQ beef ribs combo before for lunch (take-out) from their second location on Weston Rd on a few occasions. It came with miso soup, green salad, 3pcs California Rolls, 2pcs Spring Roll & 2pcs Cheese Wanton, four slices of beef ribs, steamed rice and orange slices. The entire meal was $6.75 plus tax, and the portions was more than generous.

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Address:  638 Sheppard Avenue West  Toronto, ON, M3H 2S3

Wakame Sushi on Urbanspoon

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