Jade Dim Sum

Jade Dim Sum is a small dim sum restaurant offering fast and affordable dim sum in Mississauga. My significant other, J, recently purchased a home in Mississauga, and I have been spending some time up there lately. The location of the home is a lot closer to his workplace (about a 10 minute drive), so he prefers to stay up there on the weekdays. However, we will mainly be staying downtown on the weekends (Friday through Sunday), but will occasionally go up there as well. So, we have been randomly picking restaurants to eat at whenever we're up in Mississauga together.

About two weeks ago, we were craving for some dim sum, and did a random online search. We stumbled upon Jade Dim Sum, and decided to give it a try. Jade Dim Sum does not offer traditional cart services, as they use the pen/paper method. The restaurant was only half full around 11 am, but it quickly picked up once it was lunch time at 12:30 pm (we were leaving). 

We started off with the garlic baby bok choy, which honestly looked underwhelming when it arrived to the table. However, the dish was rather tasty and flavorful. The prices for their vegetables was a little high, but their dim sum dishes were very reasonable in price. The dim sum was good, and comparable to the ones that I have had in downtown Toronto. My personal favorites were the shrimp dumpling (ha gow), shrimp rice flour roll, and the garlic baby bok choy. Personally, I'd skip the fried shrimp triangle as it was overly crispy with a lot of residual oil.

Overall, I'd say that Jade Dim Sum is a good standard choice for dim sum, and I'd return again in the future.

garlic baby bok choy ($9.95)
beef rice flour roll ($2.20)
shrimp rice flour roll ($2.20)
preserved egg and pork congee ($2.20)
shrimp dumpling (ha gow) ($2.20)
pork shrimp (sui mai) ($2.20)
fried shrimp triangle ($2.20)
steamed Shanghai dumpling ($2.70)
spare rib with black bean sauce ($2.20)
Address: 2280 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON, L4Y 1Z4

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