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Paramount Fine Foods Yorkville

by - July 02, 2016

Paramount Fine Foods is a popular Middle Eastern and Mediterranean chain of restaurants with several locations in Ontario. The Paramount Fine Foods Yorkville location opened in early 2015, and is the first full-service halal restaurant in the Yorkville area. The 4,500 square feet location offers a more upscale dining experience with an open concept kitchen. Paramount Fine Foods Yorkville offers an extensive menu of Middle-Eastern dishes, and now they have expanded even more so by adding six new items. 

I had the pleasure of attending a menu tasting, where my guest and I got to try some of the new menu items. Before dinner started, our server took our drink orders. I opted for the Mango/Strawberry Juice - a 50/50 blend of fresh mango and strawberry juices lightly sweetened with sugar, which was refreshing, and not overly sweet. 


My friend got the Paramount Special - layers of fresh strawberry and mango juices with mixed fruits, topped with fresh strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, almonds, crushed pistachio, ashta cream and honey. On paper, the drink sounded pretty busy with all of various ingredients, but the concoction of all of the ingredients created a rather delectable drink. 

To start, we were brought two large pieces of pita bread. The pita bread are freshly baked in the stone oven throughout the day, and served hot. It’s complimentary and served to all patrons.

One of the new starters is the mezza plate, which is perfect to be shared between two people. The Hummus, Moutabbal & Tabbouleh ($9.99) - equal portion of our famous hummus, moutabbal, and freshly prepared tabbouleh, was a great start to dinner. My favorite out of the three was the hummus, which had a nice cream texture without being runny.  


Did you know that Paramount Fine Foods also has an offshoot food truck? The Yalla Special ($9.99) - fries topped with chicken shawarma, garlic sauce, and tahini sauce, is one of the items available from the truck and is now available on Paramount Fine Foods Yorkville's new menu. This item is like a rendition of poutine (not a poutine though) but with more of a Mediterranean flair. The fries are topped with a generous portion of chicken shawarma, and drizzled with creamy tahini sauce.


Tabliyeh Saj Chicken Shawarma ($11.99 - shredded pieces of chicken grilled on a rotating spit wrapped to perfection with our freshly baked thin Saj bread with garlic sauce. Each platter is served Tabliyeh style (on a wooden board) with fries, pickles, turnips, and sauce.

The BBQ Shrimp Plate is the first seafood platter to be added onto Paramount Fine Foods' menu. So naturally, it was the item that I was looking forward the most to try. The BBQ Shrimp Plate ($16.49) - 2 skewers of marinated shrimp served with basmati rice, tomato garlic sauce, pickles, and turnips, arrived with several pieces of plump yet lightly-charred shrimp. I highly recommend getting this dish, as it’s well-priced for the large portion that you get, and was delightfully tasty

BBQ Chicken Wings ($7.49) - 3 pieces of whole marinated BBQ wings

Paramount Fine Foods Yorkville continues to offer an extensive choice of fresh, healthy, and high quality halal menu items. It's an ideal place to grab a quick bite at lunch, or have a dinner with family or friends. I stand by my earlier review, and believe that it's a great addition to the thriving cultural district of Yorkville. Paramount Fine Foods is open Sunday to Thurs from 8 am to 11 pm, and Fri and Sat from 8 am to 12 am. 

Address: 1250 Bay St, Toronto,ON, M5R 2B1

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Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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