Koganei is nestled in a rather unsuspecting strip plaza up in Vaughan. There was ongoing construction in the area at the time of our dinner, so we had to drive around it. I am not too sure if the construction has been completed in the area. Like many other sushi restaurants, Koganei offers a large assortment of sushi/sashimi and has an extensive menu. The place was relatively mid-sized with ample seating (booths-styled) and a sushi bar.

 Deep Fried Oyster ($5.95) - Khaki Fry 6-deep fried breaded fresh oysters w/tonkatsu sauce. This dish came with 6 pieces of deep fried oysters, and it was rather dry to me. Honestly, I think after spending time in Miyajima, Japan (the land of oysters); the cooked ones in Toronto don't do anything for me.

I opted for their beef teriyaki bento box ($15.95) as my main dish. The bento box arrived in two individual rectangular pieces. The first box contained steamed rice, stir-fry veggies, and the beef teriyaki. While, the second box contained orange slices, 3 California rolls and shrimp/veggie tempura. Additionally, each bento box came with miso soup and green salad. The sizzling beef was excellent as it was tender and flavorful.

My brother got the chicken teriyaki bento box (served with miso soup, 3 California rolls, assorted tempura, stir fried vegetables, steamed rice and fruit) ($12.95).

I have mentioned this in several of my sushi posts, but I absolutely love sushi pizza. As an additional dish, I got their salmon pizza ($6.99) to share - diced fish with green onion, topped with tobiko and spicy mayonnaise on crispy rice cake. The sushi pizza was 5 inches in diameter and 6 slices in total. The sushi pizza was of a good size, and divided into 6 equal pieces with abundance of salmon chunks on top. The deep fried patty was crispy and the salmon was flavored well. It wasn't the best sushi pizza I have ever had, but it was rather good.

Lastly, we also got a plate of salmon sashimi (3 pcs) ($4.25). The sashimi was largely sliced and had a nice buttery texture.

Service was good as our waitress was friendly, attentive, and quick to assist us. She also made the effort to check upon us a few times, and refilled our cups of green tea. Dinner was $67 for two (drinks + taxes + tip included). Koganei is not the most affordable places for sushi in the area, but the quality was good, and both of us left full.


Quality of Food: 3.9/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Dining Experience: 3.9/5
Price: $$$

Address:  3901 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, ON L4L 8L5

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