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Spork App:

A few weeks back, I was invited to test out a new mobile app for food lovers called Spork. The app allows people to discover real-time promotions and deals from nearby restaurants. Spork is completely free and is available for download on the AppStore. They are currently working on an Android app that will soon be available on Google Play. The app is barely a few months old, and  have already partnered up with several known establishments such as Snakes & Lattes, The Burgernator, I Went to Philly, The Red Bench, Firken on Yonge, Senator Restaurant, and many more. 

 One of the co-creators of Spork, Jed, expanded on the app and the future goals of the company during our dinner. The app is beneficial to restaurant owners as it allows them to increase their revenues and customer base during off-peak hours by offering deals. On the consumers' side, the app allows them to check for nearby deals and to potentially eat out and save some money.

In order to get these deals, your location setting (on the iPhone) must be turn on. This is so the Spork app can locate the deals nearest you. The good thing is that the deals are all accessible to people walking in the area. For example, we were in the middle of Kensington Market, and the app pinpointed a few nearby restaurants offering deals around that time (5 pm). The deals are curated for customers based on (high) online reviews, and they also hope to build relationships/partnerships with these restaurants.

Additionally, Spork has finally confirmed that they will be launching in Vancouver by the end of July with a pilot of at least 12 restaurants including Le Petit Belge, Basil Pasta Bar and Leonidas. 

The Burgernator:

Address: 269 Augusta Ave Toronto, ON M5T2L7

Jed turned on the app, and I had a choice between a few deals in Kensington Market; I opted for The Burgernator. The The Burgernator is a small restaurant specializing in burgers, and offering freshly made burgers priced between $5-$10 each. The Spork deal entails one to get free fries if you purchase a burger from their B.M.D (Burgers of Mass Destruction) menu. There were nine different burgers that you could order from that list.  

The Terminator inspired restaurant was small with a few chairs seating. Likewise, their white and black decor was modern and simple. I liked that the restaurant had an open kitchen concept where customers are able to see the cooks cooking the beef patty on the grill.

 I ended up getting the Atomic Burger ($8.50) - all beef patty, deep fried herb crusted cheese, tomato, lettuce with a sun dried tomato aioli. The freshly ground beef patty was rather good and well-seasoned, and I liked that it was freshly made. The deep fried herb crusted cheese was thick, and warm cheese oozed out of it with every bite. Liked I mentioned earlier, the deal that I got from using the app was free fries. Apparently, the fries are home-made and not frozen or store bought. The fries weren't cut too thick and tasted okay. I am not sure if it was from a fresh batch, but I found the fries to be quite soggy, and lacked crispiness. I may have not been a fan of the fries, but I did enjoy the burger from The Burgernator, and would return in the future. Portion-wise, it was a filling meal and with the deal, it was under $10 per person.


The Bazooka Jr ($8.50) - beef patty, fried egg, sauteed hot peppers, jack cheese, and spicy chipotle aioli.

The creators behind Spork are not only working on the Android version, but they are hoping to expand by adding restaurants more out West (in T.O). More information on their app can be found on their official website, and you can sign up for their email updates there as well. I recently downloaded the app on my iphone5S, and will be using it whenever I am looking for a place to eat downtown.

Download: Spork on the AppStore here.
 Official Website:


Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary (courtesy of Spork). However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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