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Sushi D is one of many AYCE restaurants located on College Street in Toronto, ON. The place offers the standard Japanese all-you can-eat fare at a reasonable price. The restaurant is a long room with tables aligned to both sides, and there's even a patio at the front. 

The prices of the AYCE dinner are $19.99 (Mon-Thurs) and $21.99 (Fri-Sun/Holiday); which is on par with the other AYCE establishments. I have read a lot of rave reviews about Sushi D; which is one of the reasons why I decided to have dinner here one night. My entire dining experience was not too appalling as the food was good but the service itself was less than desirable.

Instead of providing a list of items (where you check off the stuff you want); the waiter actually took our orders and wrote it down himself. The food arrived within minutes of us ordering, so that was a pleasant surprise. I slowly started to take pictures of the food that arrived to the table for the blog (using NO flash from the camera whatsoever). I noticed a lady walking back and forth looking at me with a stern look on her face. I believe that she was the owner of the restaurant.

As I took a picture of the chicken teriyaki; she tapped on my shoulder and started "interrogating me as to what I was doing? And what was wrong with the food?" I was incredibly put off by this abrasive approach, as she was pretty much in my face. I have never been questioned or approached in that manner by any owners before. So after spending many unnecessary minutes trying to explain that I was taking pics for the purpose of blogging, she finally gave me the "OKed" to take pictures.

Another thing that I also noticed about the service was that the staff were kind of efficient at clearing the empty dishes away. However, there was absolutely no acknowledgement or response (no eye contact whatsoever as well) from the staff. I think we were served by 4 different waiters/waitresses and only one waitress actually said something towards the end of the meal which was "do you want ice cream?", and also the first waiter who took our orders. The staff were strangely silent.

The menu at Sushi D was relatively standard. I thought that the menu offered a good selection of maki, sushi, and appetizers. Although their dessert choices was only limited to ice cream.

Disappointingly, there was no beef teriyaki on the menu so I got the BBQ beef ribs instead. The ribs were actually pretty good and it had a nice sweet flavor to it.

Miso soup and salad were standard but good.

In my opinion, Sushi D's chicken teriyaki was one of the best that I have had out of all the AYCE places that I have eaten. The chicken pieces were tender and sauteed in a really tasting teriyaki sauce.

I didn't like the sushi pizza as the fried patty tasted pretty stale. Additionally, the salmon on top was not as fresh and was really mushy in texture. 

The deep fried scallop was delicious as it was lightly fried in batter, and was crunchy.

The beef udon was decent but I thought that the soup base used was kind of bland. I had to add more hot sauce to the soup.

The menu boasts a variety of different maki, sushi and there was a few selections of sashimi and hand rolls. The sushi that was offered at Sushi D was fresh and well cut/prepared by the two chefs.

To the right are the three slices of salmon sashimi, eel maki, spicy white tuna maki, salmon maki and unagi maki.

I thought that the food quality was pretty good for an AYCE, and I enjoyed their cooked food. However, the poor quality service did turn me off, and deterring me from returning.


Quality of Food: 3.8/5
Service: 2/5
Dining Experience: 3/5
Price: $$

Address: 671 College St, Toronto, ON, M6G 1B9

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