[Port Hope] Trattoria Gusto

On the way to Montreal, QC, we decided to make a pit stop in Port Hope, ON, for a quick bite to eat since it was already past noon. We drove by Trattoria Gusto, and the old architecture of this particular Italian restaurant stood out among other eateries. 

All of the patio seats were occupied for lunch, so we sat inside. The lunch menu selection was fairly minimal but it did offer the usual fare of Italian pasta.

I wanted something filling so I ordered the penne rosé ($16.00). It is a dish of penne pasta with tomato sauce and mussels. Although the pasta was a simple dish; it was wonderfully made. They did not skimp on the mussels and it was fresh. I asked for some cheese and was given a full bowl of non-grated Parmesan cheese, which surprisingly blended very well with the pasta.

We were happy with our service at Trattoria Gusto. The restaurant provided a warm environment and our waitress was friendly. She offered suggestions on dishes at the beginning, and was quick to refill our empty glasses of water. Overall, the pasta portions are large and the prices for each dish are pretty moderate so you will not be breaking your wallet.


Quality of Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Dining Experience: 4/5
Price: $$ || Online Menu

Address: 1 Walton Street, Port Hope, ON, L1A 2Y8

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