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List: Cheap Eats In Toronto

by - June 21, 2013

Toronto is a great city to live in due to its very diverse culinary scene. However, some of the cuisine found in the city are not exactly super affordable. On average you can expect to spend at least $15.00 (+ tax and tip) for a meal only. Below is a list of a few places in Toronto where you can have a good and filling meal for under $11.00.

I will continue to update this list whenever I come across anymore cheap eats in the city =)

BANH MI BOYS (392 Queen St W)
various banh mi, taco and steamed bao all priced under $5.99 (each)

BANH MI NGUYEN HUONG (322 Spadina Avenue)
various banh mi for $2.25 (each)
pre-made food all under $4.50

BURRO BURRITO (655 College St)
choice of burritos, tacos, nachos and quesadillas for $9.80 (each)

BUSTER'S SEA COVE (93 Market St)
fish taco for $8
shrimp tacos for $9
lobster bisque for $6

COME AND GET IT (170 Spadina Avenue)
sandwich combo (sandwich, fries, drink) for $11.00

DR. AUGUSTA'S SAMITORIUM (602 Dundas St. West)
all sandwiches are priced under $9.00 (each)

FUTURE BISTRO (483 Bloor St W)
homemade burger and fries combo for $7.95

GOLD DIAMOND (346-348 Spadina St)
happy hour dim sum (M-F 9 am to 11:30 am and 1:30 pm to 3 pm) for $2.10 each item

IKEA (various locations)
chicken combo (chicken, fries, salad, drink) for $7.99
organic pasta with vegetarian tomato sauce for $1.99
15 pieces of Swedish meatballs for $5.99

KENZO RAMEN (138 Dundas W)
sho-yu ramen for $6.95
tonkotsu Ramen for $9.95
karashi ramen for $7.95

varous sandwiches for $7.74 (each)
BLT breakfast sandwich for $5.04
regular poutine for $3.99 (extra $ for add-ons including pulled pork, cheese curds, etc ...)

MCDONALD'S (various locations)
muffin with a small coffee for $1.50

OWL OF MINERVA (700 Bloor St W)
pork bone soup for $6.49

PIZZA NOVA (various locations)
medium pepperoni pizza (walk-in) for $7.99

PORCHETTA & CO (825 Dundas St. West)
porchetta sandwich [4 oz. of porchetta + crackling] for $6.45 (each) + extra for add-ons

poutine dishes ranging from $5.99 to $9.99 (each)

SALAD KING (340 Yonge St)
chicken pad thai for $9.00

SEVEN LIVES TACOS (69 Kensington Ave)
ceviche mixto tostada taco (yellowfin, tuna, shrimp, octopus) for $6.00

SUSHI ON BLOOR (515 Bloor Street West)
supreme bento box (choice of salmon, beef or chicken teriyaki) for $10.25

SWEET LULU (859 Queen St W)
design your noodles or rice dish from $7.95-$9.99 (each)

various kathi rolls from $3.99 to 9.99; mumbo or jumbo rolls (each)

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY (581 King Street West)
haddock fish n' chip for $8.99

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