Dating On A Dime: Cheap Date Ideas

I find that dates can get expensive, and there are many things to do in Toronto for a fraction of the price or even for free. Here are some ideas for some cheap dates that you and your significant other can definitely enjoy doing together. 

Beach: There are several beaches, and it is always FREE to go to :) Some things that you can do at the beach are arm-in-arm stroll together, play some beach volleyball, go swimming, biking, etc ...

Centre Island: Spend an entire day exploring the island with your date.

High Park: This is one of the largest and nicest parks in Toronto that I have been to. Bring out your bike or roller blades, and just enjoy the sunny weather (summertime) with that special someone.

Kensington Market/St Lawrence Market: There are so many stores and vendors to check out at both of these popular markets in downtown Toronto. 

Movie Date: An average cost of an adult ticket is usually $12.99 (+ tax) for a regular 2d movie. However, many theaters in the GTA offer reduced admission cost for a fraction of the price and it's usually under $7.00 per ticket on Tuesdays'. Also, if you're a member of SCENE (a membership club for moviegoers of Cineplex), you can also get an additional 10% off.

Picnics: I have always loved picnics, so much fun! Here is a list of some cheap picnic food that you can bring along on your date:

potato salad
Vves and dip
buy hot dog from a stand (usually $2.00)
chips, popcorn, cheese/crackers
homemade sandwiches
coldcuts and bread

Royal Ontario Museum: Students often have more of a budget than others as some may only work part-time due to their studies. The ROM offers free general admission to those who are students (attending a Canadian post-secondary institution) every Tuesday. Don't forget to bring your student ID.

Walking: The weather is getting a lot nicer so it's always nice to take a walk down Queen St W, or even Lakeshore, with your significant other.

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