Griffintown Café

Griffintown Café is one of many breakfast and brunch places in downtown Montreal. While researching restaurants to go to in MTL, I found this little restaurant and wanted to try it out due to the favorable reviews found online.

The restaurant was very small, and basically in one space. They even have an open kitchen in the back of the room (where you are able to see the cooks working and cleaning away)

The atmosphere was very casual and I found it quite interesting that the water was served in an old-style bourbon bottle. The menu was basically one page so the choices of food items were a little limited.

I ordered the brioche french toast ($12.50) which was basically two slices of french toasts (bourbon, vanilla bean, sweet cream and maple syrup) topped with fresh berries. Was it good? It was pretty good as the french toast was delightfully soaked in vanilla batter and was really sweet. 

Was it worth the price? I did like the french toast, but it was definitely not worth the price as I was still hungry afterwards. I also ordered a side sausage ($4.00) and it was not what I expected. The sausage was a flat round patty and tasted way too salty.  

My boyfriend ordered the egg benedict with bacon ($12.50), and he thought that it was mediocre as the biscuits were dry and the potatoes were hard to eat. Another friend ordered the breakfast burger ($13.50) which was a beef, lamb, duck party, fried egg, cheese with a burger bun. He thought that the patty tasted okay, but the bun was flavorless. I was the only one out of the three of us who actually liked their food.

As for the service; we had limited interactions with the wait staff. None of them checked up on us throughout the duration of the 45-50 minutes brunch. Additionally, we had to ask twice for a refill of water (the first person we asked forgot).


Quality of Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
Dining Experience: 3/5
Price: $$

Address: 1378 Rue Notre Dame Ouest, Montréal, QC, H3C1K8

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